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5.【见异思迁】看见漂亮的异性就想搬到她那里去住 。

2018年 十大至理名言👏👏👏

1. 在哪裡跌倒,就在哪裡躺下來。
2. 好想賣掉房子去環遊世界,但是房東不准。
3. 別害怕別人怎麼看你,因為沒有人在看你。
4. 單身是一種選擇,只不過不是我選的。
5. 人若不帥,再暖都是變態。
6. 今年情人節一個人過嗎?沒關係,明年………就會習慣了!
7. 事情做不完就留到明天去做吧,運氣好的話,明天死了,就不用做了。
8. 如果努力會被看見,那一定是別人不是你。
9. 當你覺得自己窮、醜、一無是處的時候,別絕望,至少你的判斷是對的。
10. 明年,你就能鹹魚翻身了!翻過來,還是鹹魚!不然你還想變成什麼?
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" 薛雨华,1966年生人,属马,无锡洛社人,高1.58米。面容姣好恬美,身材匀称苗条,舞姿妙曼,歌喉甜美,那时引无数男生竟折腰,也深得所有老师的青睐。"

Julia and I reconnected in US around 2002. We weren't close friends
but our social circle criss-crossing at time during our school years
1984 - 1988. In 2002, she was working for Oracle as their corporate
consultant, flying in and out of cities on business every month, so
she told me. She was the same old bubbling spirit, cracking half
incredulous jokes and stories about CEO of Oracle, his 'lady' trouble
( an affair with another Chinese American woman at that time). Julia
told me that one time she and Larry was in the same elevator,
close-quarter but 'believe me, nothing happened between US', wink

Julia was at the party of my first born son's 100 days celebration in
Spring of 2002. We just moved from a BIG Victoria house in Plainfield NJ ( Queen city) to a tiny Levitt town house in a quite run-down ( blackie part of towns, in Burlington county, NJ. Many years later, New Jersey's former governor Jim McGreevey would settled in my old 'Victorian' neighborhood in Plainfield. I remembered, at State Police Museum, watching closely the newly elected governor McGreevey, with his then wife Dina, pinning a medal on #13th r Superintendent Colonel Rick Fonte.

I learned from Julia's friend that she left her sweetheart
boyfriend/husband. I don't think we ventured into old territory ( as
my Tsinghua guardian boyfriend/husband divorced me in 1995 December with a judgement/settlement letter from his attorney ). He sold our new car and I was entitled to half of its proceed. And that was the end of our story/marriage. And of course, it is 'I' that
wronged him with a 'love' affair outside of marriage and left our apartment to seek 'sheltering' place at Cornell University dorm. Using divorce settlement fund, I purchased a trailer outside of Cornell University for $5000 from another Chinese graduate family. But I had to sell it for $500 since the winter snow in 1996 had damaged its roof severely.

Julia and I kept in touch through emails after our chance meeting in
2002. She actually introduced me to two of her 'best' American
friends. We became pen pals. My impression is that both men were
friends before knowing her. In a sense, she was the third friend in
their three-some. And she left her husband, to allow herself to fall
in love with his best friend. Unfortunately, he had a daughter with
his previous marriage and Julia couldn't imagine herself being a
step-mother. In-Love and worry free was all she EVER wanted. The next
I heard from his 'divorced' friend/husband was the devastating news
that Julia has ended her own life in their home in Phoenix.

I always wondered if I could have persuaded Julia that American life
or American dreams is far darker and full of traps than what we had
envisioned for ourselves in our early 20s and to overcome _any_ 'lack' of loving prospect of 'new' suppliers ' for-better-and-for-worse' is bound to a tragically end.

I remember one day, seven months after the news of her death, I got on the social site she frequented with the happy-side of herself, there
were still many of her American friends leaving 'let's get together
soon' notes. Since then, I've lost interests to write to her 'best'
boyfriends from Phoenix, Arizona. But I am sure they might have
mourned her as much as I do, still till this day!

I can not find any picture of Julia 薛雨华 ( 1966 - 2003). So I
'borrowed' this poem with an imagery that I would always treasure this living singing voices of hers...

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