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16 Feb 2020 (updated 16 Feb 2020 at 04:16 UTC) »
#dnssd_clientstub popping trouble for all browser on my OSX Desktop
plus failed path:/var/run/mDNSResponder Socket:49 Err:-1 Errno:38 Socket operation on non-socket
16 Feb 2020 »
Read Tom Crosley's answer to What kind of electronic component is used in CPUs to get such a high clock speed? on Quora
14 Feb 2020 »
#RIP - Unix pioneers:

9.0 is dedicated to the memory of Matthias Drochner, who
-passed away in August 2018.
+passed away in August 2018 and Eric Schnoebelen, who
+passed away in March 2019.

I will update pic/article in this 0 place
13 Feb 2020 »
Can you parse the meaning of these two lines of output?...

10114iMac:etc sye$ ping6
PING6(56=40+8+8 bytes) 2607:fb90:609f:255a:d92e:598b:8004:5f5a --> 2607:fb90:609d:6552:71de:f8a9:e3a2:7c29

hmmm... configure a IPv6 'capable' mail server seems to be taking more days than I esimated!...
9 Feb 2020 »


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