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Japan’s new Bitcoin business advocacy group, The Japan Authority of Digital Asset, has launched with the government’s explicit support, aiming to help establish standards and codes of conduct for its member organizations. The group was formed by Japanese parliament member Mineyuki Fukuda and his IT Committee, after consulting with Japan’s Financial Services Authority and speaking with the country’s resident Bitcoin ATM companies and exchanges, which include digital currency exchange Kraken and its parent company Payward Inc.

Major music streaming service Grooveshark has started accepting Bitcoin for both their monthly and annual subscriptions, after receiving several requests from users to add the digital currency as a payment option. No official statement has yet been heard from the company, but several forum reports of the new payment option have begun surfacing from Grooveshark users in response to their requests.

Prominent porn video site xHamster, the 56th most popular website on the internet, has also reportedly started accepting Bitcoin as a payment option, which has sparked a slightly Not Safe For Work thread on the Bitcoin subreddit.

Bitcoin entrepreneur and nextcoin investor Androklis Polymenis is offering a 500 bitcoin bounty for the return of his lost 1170 bitcoin and 6 million nextcoin, which were stolen when a hacker posed as Polymenis on bitcoin exchange Bter.com and requested the removal of the funds.

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