31 Dec 2018 sye   » (Apprentice)

A likely resemblance of kindness - a draft of translation 《可以》

Kindly, staying at an independently run hotspring
a stand-alone place among mountaenous ranges
Trappings of flickering sincerity here and there
in and out of wandering visions.

The winding path of the night, intermittenly mix
of black and white wet patches, unsuspected
slippery fall awaits ocassional traveler

faceless expressions of long black hair
strangled mankind's meekly desire.

It is probable, certainly true.

Drunkards, protected by rails
outpoured his true feelings

Praise-worthy or not, this much I believe
Probability is back in fashion,
manufacturing fables of our beauty Queen
A new semblance taking its root and airy height
Our esteemed old self in new spotlight.

Let us merrily tackle social ill, as We
stand firm in our lether boots for animal rights protection
Imagine an Oxen eating a man to please his master
Is that possible?

Truly, a man can keep his creed
no matter how strange it seems, to others
a UFO from nowhere, let alone
graspable with another's meak mind.

Try, holding up an umbrella
Try, being like a seed of Daffidill
Whenever wind blows, parachutting to a different world.

Have you seen writers frantically running back and forth on their ways?
I always thought they so look like figurines out of wax museums
The way writers dissected our living crime
is the same as we low-balled their points of view.

Double down, a likely resembalance of kindness
we must let blindsighted folks give up their hearings
whoever can't think for themselves must not feel anything
Here comes Japanese Waxwing, on its last true flight,
to this other shore of eternal tranquility.

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